Meet the 2017 Ford Edge's Enhanced Active Park Assist


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We've all been there. Squeezing gently into that sweet parking spot, painfully aware that space is a precious commodity, only to find out we must continually reverse and readjust, making the process almost a futile enterprise. 2017's Ford Edge has the tools to help convert this nightmare into a dream come true, with Enhanced Park Assist.

As you drive slowly by parking spaces, you can activate Enhanced Park Assist, which will begin scanning for available spots. Ultrasonic sensors, placed strategically on Edge, accurately measure the distance from other vehicles, and once a good spot is located, you're alerted to stop and accept the assistance offered by the system. Once you do, it's a matter of a few small manual adjustments, including getting into proper gear, accelerating slightly, and then braking. With these inputs, Edge then quickly and easily parallel parks or backs you into your parking space.

Needless to say, when we saw this technology, we were excited for more, and our dealership showcases a variety of 2017 Ford vehicles to help you likewise explore your travel needs. Take a drive over to our showroom today for a test drive, and see for yourself!

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