But I Just Checked My Oil!

You checked your oil? That's a good thing. Did you change it? For, if you checked it, that's a good thing: to keep your car's engine oil at a good level, so you know your car's engine is being lubricated properly.

But, did you know that oil is burnt in your engine? When an engine runs hot, the oil is heated, and the viscosity of the oil changes every time your engine reaches a high temperature. Eventually, that oil is useless, as the heat in the engine breaks down the additives in the oil that are supposed to keep your engine clean. Eventually, even though your oil is topped off and looks good, it is not the oil you want running in your engine.

Your auto manufacturer has a schedule for you to change your oil. Look at that schedule, and you will find that most likely, you need to change your oil, especially if you live in a region that is subject to severe cold in winter, or severe heat in summer. Have all of your fluids checked, and by all means, have that oil changed today!
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